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Updated in 2015

Supply Channel Optimization

SCO optimizes the Supply Channel and automates repetitive replenishment activities, allowing manufacturers and their strategic partners to focus on mutual growth.

New in 2014

Project Fulfillment Optimization

PFO automatically ensures that the supply channel is completely aligned to anticipate pre-scheduled material demand and have local inventory in place at the distributor before the scheduled requirement.

New in 2015

SAVVY™ by Pan-Pro

SAVVY™ enables high level objective collaboration, identifies specific actionable plans to grow market share and provides instant access to information when you need it, where you need it.

Pan-Pro is the Only SOLUTION that...

... manages All Items – Fast moving, Slow moving, Scheduled and Order-To-Backorder
... has the user communicate through their own ERP system
... applies patented algorithms designed specifically for the Electrical/Datacom/Industrial Automation Industry
... automatically optimizes for the highest End Customer Fill from your Inventory Investment
... provides Smart Order Frequency and Order Increment Optimization
... is not ‘one size fits all’, even manages Multiple Supplier product groups to different objectives, automatically
... does not require additional or dedicated Staff
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